Born in Pittsburgh, PA
2013 Graduate of Tom Savini’s Special Effects Make-Up School
Leo Ghost is a Pittsburgh based artist and lifestyle brand owner. She is known for both pop art and mixed media works and is also trained in special effects make up. Her art is created using Acrylic, Adhesive Vinyl, and Collage and features a bright color pallet. “I feel my use of vinyl along with acrylic and collage sets my work apart and brings something different to the table”. In 2008 she expanded her brand and began selling shirts, pins, and stickers both online and on tour with various music festivals and at conventions across the country.
She recently showed “The Greatest Hits Collection” where all works were done using Acrylic, and Vinyl on broken skateboards and featured music artists spanning every era and genre. She has become know for her skateboard pieces and style of pop art.  “I am a huge music & pop culture nerd..so that along with what ever else is swirling around in my head come together and make my art.”  
Her most recent collection “NoRestraint” is her most personal to date. “This collection felt different than any of my past works. I poured myself into these pieces and exposed more emotion than I ever have. I want to show power and strength in vulnerability both physically and emotionally.  
Allowing yourself to be seen and heard frees you to be yourself without fear and shame. I encourage everyone to live life without restraint”